The Purpose Of The Program ICF


The purpose of therapeutic coaching is to contribute to the training of the best İnternational Breath Coaches in Turkey and contributing to the implementation of the breath coaching profession in the ınternational standards.

It is to be aware that people may have different perspectives in their lives, that their actions may be to discover and uncover themselves again, and that the partnership established in their manifestation of their practices may become sustainable.

It is a partnership. The aim of this partnership is to recognize people's physiology of breathing, get to know people and themselves and help people live an extraordinary life with a compact education.

The Therapeutic Breathing Coach training program will cover all the knowledge, skills, and practice related to İnternational  breathe coaching, and will provide the necessary benefits to the person in question. In Therapeutic coaching training program, very serious awareness and transformations will occur in individuals' areas. The program will show that it is working on its own. Therapeutic Breathe coaching training will first gain the ability to look at itself and then the environment with a different perspective on events. Every field that has been challenged so far in her/his personal life will be opened more positively and new areas will begin to emerge.

During the breathe Therapeutic coaching program, people will be in the position of "consultant". The counselor and the coach will learn and experience all the processes in a one-to-one application. Coaches who learn from their own transformation as a client "consultant" will become respiration coaches who have become more aware, informed and able to perform sessions over their own transformations in the course of the process.

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Turkey in 2013. '' coaching '' was accepted as a profession. In your professional coaching profession; Turkey and the highest value with the first breath titled ACSTH ICF Coaching education in the world.



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