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Our vision;                                                      

From 2012 until this therapeutic breathing our institution operates as koçluğu® & Consultancy, Turkey's first (ICF) (ACSTH) has accreditation " Therapeutic Breathing" "life" is to train their coach.

Therapeutic Breath Coaching Consultancy and Association is focused on “future vision developer;;


International Coaching Federation ICF approved Therapeutic Coaching Coaching, Life Coaching and Leadership Programs, Therapeutic Adolescent & Child Breathing Coaching Programs, Therapeutic Alternative Studies Association.


Therapeutic Breath Coaching®,


Applies high standards of COACHING PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMS, adhering to the international ethics rules of coaching. It creates a difference with its selective programs in every situation in the competitions that increase business and private living conditions with positive and lasting transformations in the living standards of people and cooperates with the leading people, institutions and organizations of our country in this context.

Our company provides individual and corporate services in the areas of professional growth, development, progress and leadership.

Our policy;

It is committed to providing the candidates who want to gain breath coaching and life coaching to develop themselves in this field better and to receive an excellent, strong and effective program in international standards.



Our Mission;

It is my mission to inspire and support professional growth, development and progress, with innovative enthusiasm and high energy, to be with people, recognize, understand and provide services that facilitate life, raise awareness and create individual transformations as you move through life .


(ICF) The person who graduated from ACSTH Therapeutic Breath program needs 120 hours to apply for a valid title .


 Being a source of inspiration is important for Therapeutic Coaching.

- People come to Therapeutic Breath to get inspiration and discover new experiences and their potential .

- They reach more love, integrity, health and future goals in Therapeutic Breathing Coaching Programs .

- Therapeutic Breath Coaching Programs are your inspiration. They change their ideas, goals and futures with new inspirations. They share Therapeutic Breathing Coaching Programs with people who want to experience them at any time.

- With Therapeutic Breath Coaching Consultancy Are you ready to be your own leading coach in your personal and professional development or for a lifetime?

Therapeutic Breath Coaching Consultancy based on facts and approved programs:


- Therapeutic Breathing® coaching® 120 hours ACSTH

-Coaching Possibilities® 16 hours CCE

- Therapeutic Breathing Children, Adolescent Breathing and Communication Coaching® 16 hours CCE

- Therapeutic Personal Life Coaching Program® 70 Hours ACSTH

-Genetic Matrix ®


NOTE: The entire program ( including names and brands ) is legally reserved and approved by Therapeutic Coaching®.


The program is carried out for the benefit of PSİKOKARDE Association.

Mehtap Utuş

Therapeutic breathing Coach Trainer  PCC                      

I was born in 30.10.1969 in Konya

I worked as a fashion designer for 17 years. I gave life to cloth and travelledaround the world. Because of the intensity of my job and the depression I had in 2012 when I was 40 , I was diagnosed with cancer and with the operations I had, I’ve been through a strong transformation. At that 

My life, which has been transformed with the diagnosis of uterine cancer in 2012, has led me to do research in this way, to look at all kinds of psychological traumas that may have occurred and to examine, examine and investigate.Theresearch I made in 2015 led me to a "special breath study" that I had just discovered. I concentrated on my work on this Breath and I wrote the training program "Therapeutic Breathing Coaching"

I have established and trained the International Coach of Therapeutic Breathing.


With higher energy and innovative enthusiasm,

My mission is; to know, understand people and easing their lives by raising awareness and creating personal transformations, inspiring them and help them to grow and move on in their lives.


My first book

“Para’dan Mektup Var”.  You can find all DR’s.

Second Book; 

Nefeten Gelen Şifa



2012 NEFES Koçluğu  eğitimi aldım. 

2015 - 16  LONDRA'da ILP Liderlik eğitimi aldım.

2012 ICF "ACSTH" ULUSLARARASI  Executive life coach 120 saat.

2017 ICF -PCC / Profesyonel Setifikalı Koç

2018 Terapotik Nefes ACSTH Akreditasyon

2019 Terapotik Nefes Profesyonel Uluslararası Koçluk Derneği kuruldu.

Internatıonal Coach Federatıon üyesiyim 

Membership ID: 009109038I

2017 ICF -PCC link

ICF Global Organizasyon Program Onay TPSS



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