Dream Therapy Analysis


The Source of Dreams is Your Consciousness.
Your only awareness is your dreams and your mind is extraordinary.

The subconscious and the consciousness of the mind make personal, universal transformation.

Every kind of physical healing occurs when the mind turns. The mind that realizes physical healing. The system is renewed when it receives the answers to the questions asked through mind dreams. The revamped system goes completely into a worry-free field of trust. The dreams that balance this show the difference and order for each person.

Your dreams are your only treasure.

The dreams come to be resolved with real disjointed and different scenarios for a balance between consciousness and subconscious.
Dream is the beginning of divine inspiration. There is no ambiguity or an openness in the dream.

Sleep in this world. The dream is the sleep that sleep goes to the World. In fact, the analysis of the dream is that something in a different style appears in a different way in the dream. If the analysis of the dream is true! The visible dream goes into the real situation.

For example, "milk" seen in the dream points to information in the real world.

Everything in sleep is dream, everything that comes from dream is what is called "dream world". It should be analyzed for this reason.

The secret records of consciousness want to rise to daylight, and in dreams they turn into symbols and images that we can not understand. To understand the content of dreams, we must discover the meaning of the symbols and solve the relationship with our lives to provide healing and freedom.

If the dream facts are scientifically analyzed, they gain meaning, keep the future light. Interpretations, expressions, interpretations are misleading in this context.

If you analyze me with your inner self and your outcry;


In diseases where there is no treatment, "CANCER" provides healing.
Transforms the phobia in our social experience
Make sure the sense of guilt finishes
Terminate inadequate situations
End of depression and anger
Finish your own war

Consciousness of mother during pregnancy
Hyperactive children and intelligence problems
Special work with memories
Study with family members
Diseases, infertility, panic attacks, etc. as all areas we do not know are coming out and healing.

"It is not what we remember and tell but what we can not remember and make ill."


Whoever you are, come anyway.


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