Invitation to therapeutic breath Coaching

What is the most important need of man to sustain physiological life?

What do you owe your health and vitality to?

You owe it to letting go “carbon dioxide” the toxins, out of your lungs.

Exhaled breath, lets out the toxins, feelings, thoughts, accumulated on the organs.

Inhaled breath provides the oxygen level one’s need. It activates serotonin hormones by increasing the oxygen content in the hemoglobin contained in the blood.

All living beings use the respiratory system to release the negative energy.

Unconscious breathing raises carbon dioxide in the blood. It cannot provide the high capacity oxygen needed by the body. The acid percentage in the blood might raise. We become sick when the organs in the body are without the oxygen.

Most of the times we tell that we are tired, unhappy stressed, and even depressed. We assume that it is because of the intensity of our work, work related problems or external problems and we told these to our friends or family members.

To solve emotions that we feel, not to find enough strength to improve physiological conditions, reluctance, difficulty to sleep, not wanting to wake up, to think that you cannot breathe can point to a mind body fatigue that will not pass.

Mental fatigue increases physical fatigue, also it may cause irritation of the organs. To complain about this situation is very much contributed. As this situation progresses, we lose hope. Your smile become a surly face. We feel like as if we have tons of burdens on our shoulders.

It is important to be able to look at ourselves mentally and physically. In order to take good care of ourselves, we have to be aware of our breath first because. Breath “is the level of oxygen in the hemoglobin present in the blood”. Breathing is the most important thing we do not notice when we are running in a busy life. It is the most important contribution we can make to ourselves. Breathing is our friend who contributes to ourselves, our health, the environment and our future. It increases our serotonin levels. When we notice our breath, we realize ourselves. We start to love ourselves. We become much more understanding and tolerant to ourselves. Our lives attract new opportunities, new possibilities. Our inner world, our mind calms, our energy is at its highest level. Our physical pain disappears. Our inner world "our mind" calms down. Everything that is unsolvable is resolved.

Instead of seeing our differences as our imperfections, we learn to create ourselves with our own differences and to improve ourselves. Every time we look at a mirror, we catch the reflections of the light of happiness in us. People start to like you more. We get new possibilities and people in our lives.

We follow the direction of our inner voice, not the ones that others have. We capture the best tips of our lives. We fulfill our intentions and our desires. We distinguish between good and evil. We choose things that are good for ourselves and for our environment.

We cleanse our secret hidden feelings, relax our organs, open our minds, we shine our souls.

Breath opens our presence.

Breath is a source of healing.

Breath renew our cells.

Breathing is the only thing we need.


Whoever you are, come anyway.


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