What İs The Therapeutic







In the Therapeutic SAFE field, SAFE means communication and contact.




The therapeutic touch centers the out of balance situations lost by the body due to its safe contact feature; It is a holistic, supportive, complementary and alternative application technique and it is the process of milking the body and organs and meridians.




Therapeutic Breath


Therapeutic breath is a strengthening, supportive, inspiring and complementary, applied coaching technique. The way of applying a refreshing, improving, relaxing holistic “special” milking process that helps people live healthy is called “Therapeutic breath”.


The bridge to the desires of people between the body and mind is the focus on the future as an intermediary. Moving gives a new life to the person as well as body, mind, hope, solution, possibility, remedy for the future. A specially planned education designed to bring vitality and productivity into human life. Therapeutic breath is an ongoing and interactive process. It spreads to every area and every subject of one's life. Manages to get out of person's problems and physical situations more easily. This causes an extraordinary trust opening on people. The person begins to be an analyst. As he begins to be a analyst, he realizes that there is a much more magnificent world than himself. Questions may come to mind in this case:


• Where and how does therapeutic breath work for us?


• Why does therapeutic breath work so effectively?


• What are our personal achievements?


When the therapeutic breath is applied correctly, you slowly and simply move away from physical and mental conditioning. You begin to experience conscious conscious and pure (clean) consciousness stages. When applied regularly, it provides a transition to higher levels of consciousness, but also allows the mind to calm down and become quiet. It is our regular mental and physical rest, to have a comfortable and comfortable work, to watch our conscious aspects, our qualities coming out, and to let all happen. That is, it provides the ability to perform small, feasible maneuvers with new possibilities. Also, most importantly, it cleanses our body from physical pains first and provides a tight physical detox effect. It allows us to release the emotions, thoughts, waste metal toxins and gases that accumulate inside, and clean the lymph nodes of our meridians. This is the movement of continuous purification of the body and mind, like an inexhaustible spiral loop created by the creation itself. Imagine that the spiral rotates non-stop, the body, mind and breathing, rotating non-stop together, they perform this purification. When our meridians and lymph are cleaned, a “pure” oxygen that flows gleaming is formed inside. Oxygen renews, reproduces and revitalizes the cells. The living oxygen inside the body makes the body positive and enables the person to move, establish a relationship with him, and start to be in life. Because there is an unstoppable flow of fresh oxygen inside.


Whatever the conditions we are in, it enables us to follow the habit, anxiety, anxiety, ambition, panic, as well as situations such as fear, anxiety, ambition and panic, as well as the entry and exit of our habits and addictions. Of course, we are not just physical and mental beings in this world. We are originally spirit beings. We begin the sessions with therapeutic breath knowing that we are always holistic beings. This strengthens the mental state of the person. People start to quit mental tiredness over time. As the mind begins to calm down, the body then gives positive positive answers. There are so many qualities in us! We need inner courage and driving force for these qualities to come out and express themselves. Therapeutic Breathing Coaching always gives a driving force that provides inner courage, and this driving force is a completely positive force. When the satisfaction we want and desire is achieved, our soul nature starts to open like a rare flower. When awakening in our mind body begins to happen, we begin to accept our reality as we are. Thus, our process of getting to know, understanding and realizing ourselves begins. The first goal of therapeutic breathing coaching is to awaken the mind and body. Ensuring the awakening of the body with the awakening of the mind is only through breathing. Connecting, completing and supporting the mind and body through the respiratory system is the completion of the distances that man forgotes.




Therapeutic Breath


Therapeutic breathing is primarily our responsibility to create the safe area of ​​the person. People should always feel themselves in a safe, comfortable and happy environment. Trust, comfort and happiness are the most important elements that a person needs.



What's in the Therapeutic Breath?


First of all, there is the value of the existence of the human being. There is respect, trust. Our aim is always to act with these principles, to provide the best benefit to people.




Therapeutic Breath Ethical Rules


First of all, if you have specific severe diseases, we ask your doctor and ask you to consult. • Those with cardiac diseases, pacemakers ... • Those with coah disease and advanced asthma ... • Those who undergo chemotherapy or receive chemical medications, who have radiation therapy ... • Those with advanced panic attacks ... • Children under 16 years of age ... • People over 60 years old ... • Those who receive clinical psychological treatment ... • Calming areas of 30-50 mg and above ... • It is beneficial for those who receive psychological treatment to consult their psychologists.




What Can Therapeutic Breath Benefit?


• It strengthens the body's immune system.


• It enables a transition to a neurologically stronger system.


• It provides being balanced and effective.


• It slows down the biological aging process.


• Rejuvenates mentally.


• Reduces stress symptoms.


• It strengthens the nervous system.


• Raises awareness.


• It realizes the flow.


 • It revitalizes the organs.


• It awakens the body.


 • It awakens inner intelligence.


• Strengthens and opens expression.


• Increases healing effects.


• Develops and reveals talents.


• It provides loss of delusions and delusions.


• Provides a sense of satisfaction.


• Opens creativity, blows.


• It unites body, mind, spirit. The soul awakens.


• It performs spiritual growth.


• It opens the will, provides universal connection.


• God raises his love.


• It opens love, care and compassion.




In many areas that we do not know even more, their effects are observed. We begin to have a high understanding capacity with therapeutic breath therapies. Our feelings of restraint slowly disappear.


Mehtap Utuş developed a 248-hour Therapeutic Breath Coaching program about the breathing therapy he met after his cancer surgery in Turkey and abroad with his research in "London" and received the "applicability" certificate from the most competent coaching federation of America. .




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