Child and Adult Breath Training

Therapeutic Breath Child and Adult Breath and Communication Training Program

Therapeutic Breath child and adolescent coaching program is a supplementary, complementary, alternative practice for children and young adults for their educational and social lives.

The main objective of the program is to reassure children and young people's self-confidence, to support their potential, and to free themselves from stress and intense anxiety.

The program is designed exclusively by Mehtap Utuş for adults and mothers. No one under the age of 18 can participate in the program.

  • If you want to "make yourself"! Improving your communication skills ensures the sustainability of family and social life.

In the lives of teenage and young people,

In the family,

At school,

In social environment,

On their talents

On their targets,

In relationships,

About discovering success

About expressing themselves

Recognizing the Potential of the Child

In the use of breath in children

In the conscious breathing on children

Supporting, developing and strengthening them to become stronger individuals on their own life.

Some of the beneficial areas in Therapeutic Children's Breath Coaching:

Hyper activity, giftedness, children with movement problems, Dyslexia, Emotion / Anxiety / Anxiety / Anxiety / Stress, Bone development, Attention deficiency / incomprehension, strengthening of the immune system, sleep disturbance, adaptation / incompatibility and school adaption processes.



1.PROGRAM: Not to exceed 8 hours per day

A. Daily hours: 8 hours

Daily 8 hours x 2 days = 16 hours

Totally 16 hours that makes 2 days


Who can participate?

-Therapeutic Breath Coaches

-Student Coaches

-Children And Adolescent Life Coaches




-Child Psychologists



Whoever you are, come anyway.


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