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Executive Coaching Corporate Studies

We are the Executive Coaching and Leadership specialist of companies. In our corporate trainings, we help our customers to create a common understandable language that provides inspiration and motivation in their own companies through our coaching and consultancy sessions.
We are creators of company success formulas. Instead of copying different success formulas, we help you create your own success formulas.
We know that productivity and profitability will increase in companies where employees work successfully and creatively. Work environments motivated by employees are so creative and diverse that they can be noticed at a glance.


Therapeutic Executive Coaching

Leadership of the Institution

Team management

Communication and Motivation

Conflict management

Time management

Personal Leadership

Personal Balance

Stress Management


Working Method


One to One Interview

Group Negotiation


Creating Content

Creating Corporate Content

Customer service

Inside communication

Presentation skills



As long as it is part of our core business, we organize conferences on Leadership, Communication, Motivation, Personal Leadership or other issues that customers may request.

These interviews are for groups of 50 to 2000 people. It can be kickoff meetings, celebration dinners, Change Management meetings and / or New Strategy and New Vision meetings.


Executive Coaching

It consists of one-to-one or many meetings. The aim is to help participants get to know themselves better, and to be aware of their strengths and vulnerabilities. We help them find how to better contribute to the company they work for.


It helps people understand how they are motivated and therefore we take the initiative to add value in the best way. It is a positive confrontation experience with great results.

Consulting / Mentoring

At the end of our training sessions, we offer concrete solutions to our customers. We also attend meetings in client companies where we are asked to provide feedback on what to do. These meetings are usually high-level meetings.


It is a specially designed and implemented program of Mehtap Utuş to help organizations succeed in the Executive Coaching program.


Whoever you are, come anyway.


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