Who ıs the therapeutıc?

About Therapeutic Breath Professional International Coaching Association;


Since 2012, he has been giving trainings, consultancy and motivation seminars to institutions and individuals with association-approved programs in the fields of Professional Breath Coaching and Life Coaching. Its philosophy is to support institutions and individuals in providing sustainable living standards.


Our institution, which has been operating as Therapeutic Breathing Coaching® & Life Coaching and Consulting since 2013, trains Turkey's first "Therapeutic Breath" "life" coaches.


As Therapeutic Nefes Coaching Consultancy and Association, it acts with a focus on "future vision developer".


Therapeutic Breath Professional International Coaching Association Programs;


Therapeutic Breath coaching Programs;


  • Therapeutic Breath Coaching® (TNKD-120 hours)
  • Therapeutic Life coaching® (TYK - 70 hours)
  • leadership program,
  • Therapeutic Child & Adolescent Breath coaching,® (TOCH - 18 hours)
  • Therapeutic Student Coaching®
  • Genetic Matrix, ®
  • Therapeutic Meditation,®
  • Therapeutic alternative studies.(Camps)



Therapeutic Breath Coaching®,

It implements high standards of COACHING PROFESSIONAL programs that adhere to the international ethical rules of coaching. It makes a difference in every situation with its selective programs in competitions that increase business and private life conditions with positive and permanent transformations in people's living standards, and in this context, it cooperates with the leading people, institutions and organizations of our country.


Our institution provides individual and corporate services on professional growth, development, advancement and leadership.


Our principle;

It has adopted the principle of ensuring that candidates who want to take up Breathing and Life coaching as a profession develop themselves better in this field and receive an excellent, strong and effective program at international standards.


Our Mission;

It is my mission to be with people with innovative enthusiasm and high energy, to get to know, understand, and to inspire and support professional growth, development and progress, providing services that make life easier, raise awareness and create individual transformations as they move through life.


He defines therapeutic coaching as an inspiring, thought-provoking and creative collaborative process for clients to help them maximize their personal and professional potential.


The main purpose of our International Coaching Association is to advance the art, science and practice of professional coaching. It was formed to create, support and protect the integrity of the coaching profession by creating programs and standards thanks to the support of our therapeutic association.


Creating the Whole...

Therapeutic Breath is a system that facilitates the high visibility of the coaching profession for individuals and institutions to find the right tool for their needs.



Therapeutic Breath develops and implements programs to assist coaching professional development. It organizes annual meetings that create professional development opportunities.



Therapeutic Nefes Professional International Coaching Association has created its own professional Code of Ethics and encourages them to use these rules. It uses therapeutic breathing and life coaching rules to maintain the integrity of coaching.


Part One: Definitions

Coaching: Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process to maximize their personal and professional potential.


 Professional Coaching Relationship: The coaching relationship includes an agreement (including the contract) specifying the responsibilities of the parties in the coaching process.


Roles in the Coaching Relationship: While clarifying the roles in the coaching relationship, it is necessary to distinguish between the client and the sponsor. Often the client and sponsor are the same people, in this case referred to as the client. When it comes to a distinction, Therapeutic Breath defines these roles as follows:

Client: Client / Coaching The person receiving the coaching service.

Sponsor: The institution that makes the payment and/or organizes the provision of coaching services and its representatives. In all cases, coaching engagement agreements should clearly specify the rights, roles and responsibilities of both the client and the sponsor, unless they are the same person.


Student: A person who is enrolled in a coaching training program or works with a mentor coach or coach supervisor to learn and develop the coaching process or to improve their coaching skills.


Conflict of Interest: A situation in which a coach and a professional have sufficient private or personal interests that appear to affect the objective performance of their offic


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