Purpose Of The Program


The goal of therapeutic breathing coaching, coaching in the framework of ethical values ​​and cultivate the best coach of Turkey's International breathing and breath of the coaching profession is to contribute to ensuring the implementation of international standards.


Professional Therapeutic Coaching

  • Goal-oriented,
  • Conforms to Coaching Ethical Standards,
  • Transformation and Change,
  • Prepared with international and local information and rules,
  • His own philosophy,
  • Sustainability Philosophy,
  • Serve people with breath,
  • To contribute to sustainable life with Respect to Human, Nature and Universe,


Why choose approved Therapeutic Breathing and Life Coaching?

Getting anapproved program to become a Therapeutic breathing Coach and Life coach gives you the authority and prestige in your profession. It is known that you obey all the ethical rules that are legal in the world and that you practice your profession within the rules of ethics.


What does Therapeutic Breathing Coach provide you?

  • It shows that you have high standards in the profession.
  • Shows that you are committed to strong ethical rules.
  • It gives you an idea of ​​your knowledge and skill level.
  • Your career goal brings you personal satisfaction.
  • Strengthens the integrity of the coaching profession nationally and internationally.
  • It shows that you are continuing your professional development seriously.
  • Develops you as a professional coach and takes your skills forward.
  • It gives you the chance to use your certificate anywhere in the world.



  • Possibility to apply International Therapeutic Breath and Life Coaching profession within legal and ethical rules
  • TNKD-120 accreditation certificate for professional work
  • Possibility to work as Therapeutic Breathing and Life Coach anywhere in the world
  • Opportunity to own your own business
  • Possibility of management and improved relationships
  • Acquisition of a tool bag to enable the person to achieve his / her goals in business and private life
  • Continuous program, the possibility of being in the continuous development gain



Founded in 2013 Therapeutic Breathing Coaching and Consulting is located in Turkey. The company specializes in leadership and Individual and Corporate coaching and Breath Coaching, Life coaching, child and adolescent coaching programs. Therapeutic Breath Counseling makes the difference in programs by:


Students gain a new profession.

  • Supports.
  • Share and teach the most up-to-date information.
  • Makes programs as applied.
  • Uses his / her own program and coaching materials.
  • Shows bibliography and books for students' development.
  • Provides consultancy support to the students in the title processes.
  • After the program, it provides mentorship and supervision support to its students.


ICF Global Organizasyon Program Onay TPSS Link.




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