Probability Method


ICF is the CCE Approved Coaching Principle.

Many people have anxiety disorders caused by fear of the future. Anxiety disorder prevents the person from experiencing the process. The person constantly moves in the narrow space. Only the person with plan “A ulaş has access to plan“ B,, plan “C ve and much more with the coaching of possibilities. The person gradually leaves the narrow space and moves to large areas with new possibilities. Thus, the fear of the future, makes it much stronger connection with life.

Many of us often feel guilty when asked questions about events and situations. They cannot question themselves and avoid this situation. The meaning of interrogation as a priority is that they consider themselves guilty.


Probability Method Coaching

Probability method coaching, the negative, limited, framed, suspended, unsuccessful feelings and thoughts, dreams, desires, passion that a person carries in his life to the present day, what he has dreamed of being transformed for a long time! It is the adaptation of today's present to the conditions of the present with a new and positive update of the feelings and thoughts over the old. It is all about thought and emotion. Owning and acquiring is not related.

Probability Method Coaching consists of 5 main questions. The method leads the person to the new and clear result he / she wants to reach.






5-New possibility


Whoever you are, come anyway.


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