ICF - ACSTH is an advanced EXPERTISE and MASTER program that can be obtained by coaches who have completed 120 hours net Professional Coaching program or who have completed other ICF accredited coaching programs.


In professional coaching areas; ICF Turkey and to have the title of the world with high value prior to application titled but are required to complete 10 hours of mentor coaching programs. And you need to document these 10 hour mentor processes in the ICF application process.

Coaches who have received a title from ICF have been trained to the standards stipulated by ICF, and have received 10 hours of coaching from a mentor coach with certain hours of coaching experience.

Individuals who have a PCC title and have completed their mentoring processes are entitled to provide mentoring services to ICF - ACSTH 120 sat accredited Coaches who wish to obtain the ACC or PCC title.


Each title contains different coaching experience and coach training hours.

-Associate Certified Coach (ACC) (Accredited Member Coach),

-Professional Certified Coach (PCC) (Accredited Professional Coach)

-Master Certified Coach (MCC) (Accredited Master Coach).


According to this;

ACC: Must be at least 60 - 100 hours Coaching training certified with an ACTP or ACSTH program.

Must have 100 hours (75 hours paid) coaching experience with at least 8 clients. (documented)

At least 25 hours must have been made within 18 months before your ACC title application.

It should be documented during the online application that works with Montor Koç for 10 hours.


Whoever you are, come anyway.


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