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CHILDREN MEDITATION with Therapeutic Breathing Techniques

Many parents now know that meditation and therapeutic breathing benefits the bodies and minds of children by increasing focus and they raise their children with this awareness.

Today, it is reported that their children's stress levels are also high. To help them take a break, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) encourages parents to meditate with their children and involve their teacher in their lesson plans.

Teaching children to stop, focus and just breathe can be one of the greatest gifts you give them.

After all, children develop their other skills by practicing the Meditation with therapeutic breathing techniques and improving their focus skills.

With therapeutic breathing techniques, meditation works will become easier when you turn your daily habits into life and start to see their benefits.

  • Trust me: The Therapeutic Breathing techniques change everything.
  • His body relaxes.
  • Your mind calms down;
  • Exam anxiety and stress are reduced,
  • Confidence comes.
  • Its focus increases,
  • Expresses himself positively and clearly,
  • Their choices become clear,
  • Relations strengthen and develop,
  • Family relationships become stronger,

Participation: It will be applied with 7-18 age group and mothers.


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